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Ancient treasure stolen from the Inca, lost at sea for hundreds of years, is found by a world famous Dive Team.

Spain, the US, Florida, Peru, even Inca tribes are suing for ownership in international courts. The case will be tied up in litigation for years.

Rick and Kate, a New York couple, are tired of being robbed and victimized by New York City. Rick lands his dream job; History Professor at Florida Oceanic University. They leave a cold, dreary New York for St Augustine, Florida. Here Rick learns of the famous Death Cross of the Inca

It is the find of the century.

Detective Sloan, head of security, a disgraced NYC cop, is jealous of Rick’s success. Sloan begins a relentless campaign of harassment. Sloan waits for that one misstep that will send Rick packing back to NY.




Thieves steal Ricks’ computers, hack their finances, leave them on the verge of bankruptcy and hopelessly in debt. While the courts, international governments and Inca Tribes fight over ownership of the treasure, Rick decides to take the cross for himself.

With the help of Kate’s techno wizard cousin, Brano, a weird middle-eastern genius, they hatch a plan to steal the cross, take it to Rick’s best friend, the Rabbi, and sell The Cross in the NY Diamond district.

They find, it is easier said than done.

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